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Is online gambling good for Southern California?

The convenience of online gambling is only ever seen as a threat to the land-based outfits. However, the experience in the United Kingdom and other areas of the US (Las Vegas in Nevada, and Atlantic City in New Jersey) have shown that the presence of a properly regulated online sector actually improves the lot of the land-based casinos. The principal reason for this is the ease with which the online game is able to find and excite new players. Being able to learn and play any number of casino and slot-based games on a smartphone at home – and at any time – means that the sector has been opened up to more people. An example of this is the World Series of Poker (WSOP) which is played every year in Las Vegas and which has seen a huge increase of the number of entrants. Many of these players have only previously played the game online or have watched the drama of the WSOP unfold on the TV. The opening up of the casinos to people who have never seen inside one before has attracted many millions of new players. Likewise, in the UK, the popularity of online gambling, and, in particular, online slots has seen huge increases in players. In the case of slots, there are games available in every niche – there really is something for everyone.

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